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Save Our Shipyard!

Workers fought for a decade to unionize the Avondale Shipyard in the New Orleans region. Now, less then a decade after winning that struggle, their shipyard faces closure. The AFL-CIO is building a coalition to save Avondale, a key outpost of manufacturing in the US, and a jobsite with a predominantly black workforce. You can help!

Click here for the Save Avondale website.


TWU is victorious! 

Thanks to Dean Hubbard of TWU, to Jeanne Mirer and Ashwini Sukthankar of the International Commission for Labor Rights, Angela Cornell of the Cornell Law School Labor Law Clinic, too many people to mention at the AFL-CIO, Daniel Blackburn of the International Centre for Trade Union Rights, and Peter Rosenblum of the Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic.  Dean, the co-chair of the L&EC, was instrumental not only in fashioning the case, but also in organizing the participation of TWU and others in this effort. 

The ILO ruled in November, 2011, that New York's ban on and penalties for public sector strikes, as carried out during the 2005 NYC transit strike, violates workers' fundamental human rights.  Click here for the article from the TWU website.  Click here for the decision.  Click here for the complaint.

As many will remember, NY courts jailed Roger Toussaint, fined the union, its members and leaders millions, and took away dues checkoff as punishment for a two and a half day strike which the City admitted endangered no one's health or safety. Excellent timing, coming with the start of TWU Local 100's contract negotiations and on the heels of Bloomberg's eviction of Occupy Wall Street, which also will ultimately lead to legal sanctions against City. Also a reminder that at core NYC's billionaire Mayor is deeply uncomfortable with democracy and human rights.

Union victory at Starbucks!

After a 3-year campaign, the IWW Starbucks Workers Union has won time-and-one-half holiday pay for work on Martin Luther King Day, a federally recognized holiday.

Visit the Starbucks Union website to learn more about their exciting struggle.