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WHO WE ARE.  The Labor and Employment Committee of the National Lawyers Guild [NLG] is a non-profit unincorporated legal association engaged in legal education and advocacy. The membership of the Labor & Employment Committee includes lawyers, law students, legal workers, and worker representatives. It serves as a liaison between the Guild and legal organizations that represent organized labor and workers. The L&EC also works directly with organized labor and other organizations that represent workers.

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS. We collaborate with the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee [LCC], the National Employment Law Association [NELA], and other professional legal associations on the national and local level. We also work closely with and support the Guild's Sugar Law Center for the Economic and Social Justice [Sugar Law Center] to improve conditions in poor and working communities.

ANNUAL MEETINGS. The L&EC meets twice a year - at the annual NLG Convention in the fall and at the annual meeting of the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee meeting in the spring. These meetings are open to all. Click here for more information about our meetings.

ANNUAL NATIONAL EVENTS. The L&EC sponsors two annual events: a breakfast at the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee conference each spring and L&EC programs at the annual NLG National Convention that usually occurs in the fall. Click here for more information about our activities at the NLG Convention, and click here for more information about our activities at the LCC. Click here for Special Events.

BECOME A MEMBER. Click here for the membership page and click here to pay dues via Pay Pal. Annual dues are $40 for attorneys and $15 for law students, legal workers, union members, and other friends. This is a national membership fee - there is no separate local membership fee. Please make your check payable to NLG L&EC and send to John Philo, Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice, 4605 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201.


•Administrative Law - including OSHA, social security
•Economic Rights - including unemployment insurance
•Employment Law - including sexual harassment, age discrimination, wage and hour
•Injured Worker Law - including workers comp and tort cases, disability rights
•Labor Law - work in all sectors of the labor movement
•Legal Services - attorneys who focus on economic and workers' rights
•Toxic Torts - representing workers and communities concerned with toxics in the workplace and community

LOCAL ACTIVITIES. The L&EC promotes local committees who work with local labor movement contacts on labor and employment law issues. Local members identify their own issues. We have local activities here:

Boston area
Chicago area
District of Columbia area

Los Angeles area
New York area
Philadelphia area

San Francisco Ba
y area
Wisconsin area

STEERING COMMITTEE. The Steering Committee sets general policy for the L&EC during monthly conference calls and via e-mail. If you are interested in joining the Steering Committee, contact the chair.  If you want to contribute to the newsletter, contact Henry Willis. Click here for more information about the Steering Committee.

•Chair - Dean Hubbard  (203) 216-2262
•Treasurer - Polly Halfkenny  (347) 453-5208 
•Newsletter - Henry Willis  (323) 655-4700
•Membership - staff 
•Cuba Program - Joan Hill  (615) 594-0843 + Dean Hubbard  (203) 216-2262
•Intl Commission for Labor Rights - Jeanne Mirer  (313) 515-2046
•Sugar Law Center - John Philo  (313) 993-4505
• Mentorship Program - Angela Cornell  (607) 339-1903
•Representative to NLG Natl Exec Comm -  Sarah David Heydemann
•Student Representatives to the L&EC - Susannah Maltz and Cheryl Walker