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Help us work for workers and the labor movement!  

L&EC JOBS ListServe.   The NLG L&EC has a jobs list serve that circulates postings received from around the country. This is a separate google list serve for law students and attorneys and anyone can subscribe by contacting the list serve coordinator.  

Please also share information about job oppotunities by contacting the list serve coordinator.  

Click here for more details on how to join that listserve or post a job listing.

PERMANENT Job Postings LINKS - Check out the following:

Union-Friendly Job Listings - The website links immediately below feature other job opportunities for attorneys and other labor advocates:

AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee Hiring Hall - job opportunities for law students and attorneys.  You may also inquire about the resume bank open to candidates sponsored by an LCC attorney or LCC-affiliated labor law professor by contacting lcc@aflcio.org.  

More details for law students about AFL-CIO and other programs are available on our law student page.

State of California postings  
This portion of the Job Posting page will remain to encourage folks to check out possible government labor law jobs.  It is critically important for strong worker advocates to apply for these positions when they open up.  

State of California - LABOR related positions: 

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) has several divisions that hires attorneys:  the Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH or Cal/OSHA) and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) are two very important agencies.  The Department itself also hires attorneys.

Cal/OSHA attorneys represent the Division as a prosecutor when an employer appeals an administrative citation issued for exposing worker(s) to unsafe or unhealthful working conditions.

DLSE attorneys represent the agency in defending workers who have decisions in their favor in the administrative process; they prosecute retaliation complaints and file affirmative litigation to maximize enforcement efforts. DLSE ensures that all workers in the state are paid all wages they are owed (minimum wage, overtime, and prevailing wages on public works projects). In addition to attorneys, DLSE is looking for hearing officers at the Deputy Labor Commissioner II level to work in any one of its district offices. Hearing officers hold investigatory hearings to resolve disputes arising under State labor laws and Industrial Welfare Commission orders, including wage and hour, child labor and discrimination complaints.  Click here for a complete job description of Deputy Labor Commissioner positions in DLSE.

GETTING ON THE LIST for an ATTORNEY position with the State of California:

Attorney positions depend on experience. There is an "Attorney Series Examination" by which the State Personnel Board establishes an open eligibility list for use by various state departments, including Department of Industrial Relations, to fill Industrial Relations Counsel (IRC or staff counsel) vacancies.

Click here for a PDF explaining how to apply for an attorney position with the State of California.

The NLG L&EC urges interested attorneys to apply for these critically important state attorney positions.  Please review the qualifications and submit the paperwork necessary to get on one or more of these lists.  From the time you submit your paperwork (including answering any "exam" questions), it usually takes about 2 weeks for a successful candidate to be added to the list.

TO APPLY. Applicants must take a civil service exam to apply and complete an online application and send a resume and cover letter as specified below. 

If applying for a Cal/OSHA staff attorney position, please also submit a resume and cover letter to Cal/OSHA Chief Counsel Amy Martin at AMartin@dir.ca.gov.  

If applying for a DLSE staff attorney position, please also submit a resume and cover letter to DLSE Acting Chief Counsel Johanna Hsu at jhsu@dir.ca.gov . NO CALLS PLEASE.

Click HERE for information on open positions.  Keep checking back as new jobs are posted from time to time.